Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So this is it. Or so I think.

I've been thinking about blogging since before I had my son. Then a friend jokingly suggested I write a book about all my different things I'm interested in and I decided to go for it (well, decided to go for a blog at least).  I debated about it because I didn't want it to wind up as an adult version of my old LiveJournal where I posted all these frustrations, grievances and whine-filled (and sometimes wine-filled) missives.  Who wants to read that?!  Certainly not me.

I wanted to start a blog that talked about things that were important to me. This blog is mainly written for me but if someone else enjoys reading it, that's great too.

The title, "UsefulMom" is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. When I left working to stay home and raise my son, my biggest fear was becoming the mom who "gave up" on herself.  Above all else, I wanted to live out my goals, as varied as they may be and be useful to myself.

Being useful to myself enables me to be the best mom, wife, sister, daughter, and Me I can be.

I'll probably ramble a lot but the point of this whole thing is to document things that are important to me.

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