Saturday, May 1, 2010

Big Break

I haven't updated anything in well over a month. The kiddo has been teething so I've been rocking and holding him more than anything.

D and I got the vegetable garden up and running over the last two weekends. Our beds were totally neglected over the fall and spring last year.  Newborns take up LOTS of time.  Now we're able to devote more time to the garden and LD can play outside with us.  We had to till and cover the beds with plastic to kill the weeds and encroaching Bermuda grass.  After a few weeks, we took the plastic off, planted and then mulched with hay and bark mulch.

 I love growing and cooking our own vegetables. They taste better than anything we could buy and I get so much satisfaction knowing that I grew this food.  This year we planted:

  • tomatoes (Sun Master, Big Boy, Early Girl, red cherry, yellow pear, and some mystery kind sprouting in our compost heap)

  • tomatillos
  • okra (YUM)
  • cucumber

  • zucchini
  • straight neck squash
  • and a variety of peppers (Purple Beauty, mild jalapeƱo, and poblano)

I also noticed a mystery plant growing in a big pot that was long forgotten last season.  

I'm hoping they're the strawberries that never came up but I can't for the life of me remember where I planted those last year.  Mommy-brain was already fully in effect.  I can't wait to see those little white flowers.

We also inter-plant with lots of marigolds to reduce pests.  These are a little peaked but I got 'em for one dollar at the local high school's ag sale.  I'll pull the seeds from the dead heads and spread throughout the garden.  In two months, we'll be covered up in marigolds and our pests will be long gone!

Last year I also planted lots of herbs in pots but they ended up neglected and dead.  I am horrible about remembering to water flower pots.  If I can get a bed cleared by early summer, I'll try the herbs again. 

I'm going to try canning some veggies this year.  Stay tuned to see how it goes.....

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