Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pflugerville, a pfun town

I moved to Pflugerville about two years ago.  At first, I wasn't crazy about this town.  I mean, the name was fun but that was about it.  The more I learn about this town, the more it grows on me.

This upcoming weekend is the Deutschen Pfest.
Oh, I forgot to mention that every city event that starts with the letter "f" MUST be spelled "pf".  I love this fact, er, pfact.  I'm not sure exactly why, but I do.  The Deutchen Pfest will be full of German music, polkas, local vendors and stuff.  We're going this Saturday and I'm super excited.  This summer is the Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfest, the Pflugerville Pfun Run and lots of other stuff.

This city also places a lot of emphasis on the environment and community.  It may have something to do with the fact that Austin is so close.  The city has a special rebate program to encourage homeowners to plant native trees, shrubs and flowers that require less water.  This past February, our garbage collection started a new single stream recycle program.  This cut our 4-5 bags of trash every week down to 2.  The city offers free wood chipping for all yard debris and the recycle center offers free mulch and compost created on site.  Right next door to the recycle center is the Community Garden where you can rent a plot for a season and they provide cinder block edging, water, mulch and compost for free.  To top all this off, we have tons of lovely parks and a farmer's market at Heritage Park.

I just got back from a walk on a 5k trail that runs between Gilleland Creek Park, Bohls Park and Heritage Park.  I like this trail because I can walk through a heavily treed park, walk around and over the Gilleland Creek and through several different neighborhoods in older Pflugerville.

I laid LD down for a nap after we got back and, if he wakes up soon, we're going to head down to the recycle center to pick up some compost and mulch.  If you noticed the mulch around some seedlings in my last post, that's the free stuff from the city.  We're going to needs tons more mulch because both the dog and I are allergic to our original mulch, timothy hay.

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