Thursday, May 27, 2010


Whew.  My resolve to post at least 5 times a week got busted.  I had an unexpected family situation and have had to be in Houston all week with no time/ability to post.  D headed down with me and the kiddo on Saturday but he returned home on Sunday for work and school.

I stayed at Mom's till Wednesday and, wow, it is hard work to travel with a baby all by yourself.  I was a little nervous on the drive back when I wondered how exactly I'd use a restroom in a gas station with Little Bit in tow.  A lot of gas stations have baby changing tables in the handicapped stall but not all.  If I couldn't strap him down while I did my business, I'd have to sit him on the floor?  Ick.  Luckily, that didn't come to pass.  My camel-bladder rescued me again.

Adding insult to injury during this already stressful time, we forgot diapers.  You'd think we hadn't had a baby for the last 8 months or something.  Normally, we use disposables when we travel so we always have a small stash on hand.  We got to Houston and each asked, "Uh, you packed the diapers, right?"  Crap.  Look in the diaper bag, and see 2 diapers.  Double crap.  Back in the car to head to the Wal-Mart out in the boonies.  There is one closer but sales tax is 1% cheaper in said boonies.  We get home and open the box only to realize WE BOUGHT THE WRONG SIZE.  Triple crap.  So, back in the car.......

Traveling with a baby is crazy.  I always said, "I'll never be the parent who packs everything but the kitchen sink."  But I am.  The play yard, the bath seat, the baby Motrin, the bulb syringe, toys the blanket, the Boppy, the extra outfits.... It's ridiculous.  I've made a list of all the items that we usually take with us and I note if we use them or not.  Four months ago, the Subaru was packed to to the gills for just the three of us and the dog.  This past week, I easily packed the car and could still see out the back window.  My list of 53 items is down to 25 or so.  The older the baby (and parent), the less stuff you need.  Hopefully, I'll knock it below 20 for our trip to the Panhandle next month.

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