Sunday, June 27, 2010

Budgets and Broke Stuff

D's massively powered computer has died.  Carter, as she was affectionately known, is no more.  Besides the extended mourning period that my husband will go through and the inordinate amount of time and effort that it will take him to save the data on his striped drives, we're stuck with another problem.  How are we going to pay for a new machine?

Carter was top-of-the-line (and super expensive) when he bought her in 2006.  I asked him how much he paid and I had a mini-heart attack.  There was no way we could replace Carter with a comparable product even given the reduction in prices over time.  However, she was way "overpowered," as my husband says and, consequently, burned herself up.  He really doesn't need a machine anywhere near that fancy (thank goodness!).  He bought Carter with all the bells and whistles back when he was single and could blow that kind of money. (Whoever said two could live as cheaply as one are full of it.)

We could save some money and get a desktop instead of the laptop, but D has to be able to work and also do schoolwork when we travel.  So we need to spend the extra money on a good, quality laptop.

We won't purchase a machine on credit.  The only things we'll buy on credit now are homes.  No consumable goods.  So, we'll probably take the money out of savings to buy the machine and then put additional money into our saving account the next few months to catch up.

That's a tough choice since we were looking at using that money to pay off a small chunk of our mortgage.  I just have to remind myself that into every budgetary life, a little rain must fall.  At least we won't be buying the machine on credit, so we won't be adding any additional debt to our lives.

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