Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Haircuts all around!

I've been waiting on updating since all my posts need pictures and my camera's battery has gone to the big battery recycle center in the sky.  Luckily, we had a little windfall and D and I decided to treat ourselves.  He got a replacement iPod and I got some clothes and a new battery.  We try to apply any windfalls or unexpected cash towards our debt (ie house or student loans).  However, I am a firmly believe that you must treat yourself every once-in-a-while.  If not, I feel that it's easier to fall off the frugality wagon. "All work and no play make John a dull boy," kind of thing.  Even worse, you may start to resent your frugal lifestyle and really throw it out.

So what's new in the UsefulMom household?  I finally got my hair cut.  When the kiddo was about 4 months old, half my hair fell out.  Well, it probably wasn't actually half but it sure felt like it.  Since then I've been waiting to see how it grew in before I got it cut.  So far, it's growing in a bit thicker than it used to be (yay!) but it's also growing in pretty grey.  I decided to get just a plain old medium length layered bob.  I'll post pics once my camera battery finishes charging.

The same day I got my hair cut, I cut the Little One's hair for the first time.  It looks pretty good and yay for saving money.  D has been after me for a few weeks to cut his hair and I've been resisting.  I felt that if I cut his hair, he'd be a "boy" instead of a baby.  He does look a lot more like a boy now but I can live with it.  The alternative was pretty bad.  His hair had gotten so long that it was curling around his ears, giving him odd "ear wings."  NOT a good look even on a baby.

The actual cutting was a challenge since he's so wiggly.  I used D's beard trimmer and I had him hold the Little One still while I cut his hair.  I used the trimmer without the guard to edge his neck, around his ears and his hairline.  Then I put the guard on (at #5 if you're interested) and cut the back and top.  Apart from a few mess-ups on his hairline and a bizarre tiny bald spot on top of his head, he looks great.  Pics are coming.



Aw, he's all grown up!

He's got some crazy, uneven sideburns.  :)

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