Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer and the Budget Squeeze

D and I have been trying very hard to stay within our budget.  With the summer in full swing, the budget watch is just that much harder.  This summer alone, we'll be taking a week long trip to Amarillo and head to Houston many, many times since my sister is getting married in July.  An upcoming weddings also mean gifts and hotels - two more budget busters.

We try to pre-buy and pack as many consumables as possible.  We take all dog food, baby food, baby Motrin, diapers (we use disposables on the road), and any emergency meds like Tylenol or Immodium.  I've found that we have fewer runs to the store and, consequently, fewer impulse buys while we're on vacation.

We also budget $75 per month for vacations that builds up if we don't use it.  When a trip rolls around, we see how much money we have in our vacation fund and decide how much we want to spend.  Then we withdraw that cash amount and that is all we can spend.  Period.

We did alright for our trip to Amarillo.  I forgot and put some small purchases on my debit card because I'm so used to using it, but for the most part, we paid for everything with cash.

The real test is coming up with the end of June and all of July. 3 more trips to go...

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