Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Lesson Learned

You may remember this update regarding D's computer.  It had gone out in a blaze of glory and all data was lost...or so we thought.  We talked about getting him a new computer.  Neither of us was totally thrilled with spending all that money and he was getting by with an older laptop so we decided to just wait and see.

D spent the next few weeks tinkering with his computer and doing some research and he discovered that the computer's problem was actually just something small that was mimicking a dead computer.  All was not lost.  So, for right at $100, it's back up and running.  He's even playing Starcraft II online with his buddies.

This was a lesson for us.  We shouldn't be so quick to get rid of something.  A little time and effort put toward mending or fixing can save us a lot of money and reduce our waste.

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