Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two of My Favorite Blogs

If you're interested in greener, simpler living, here are two blogs that I love, love, love.  Coincidentally, they are both Australian.

In this blog, Gavin describes his family's journey towards a more sustainable life.  He's got great tutorials on soap making and cheese making.  He and his family even got rid of their TV.  He gets a bit into politics and the like.  I enjoy the political discussion but some might not.

In this blog, Rhonda invites you into her home each day and shares her thoughts on simple and sustainable living.  Something I really enjoy about her blog is her advocation of "slow living" and frugality.  She offers great tips and shares with you ideas and she's never, ever preachy or heavy handed.  She's inspiring me to learn to knit and start a household stockpile.

I highly recommend checking out theses blogs.  They've both got practical suggestions and, even if you aren't looking to green your life, they're entertaining.

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