Thursday, September 2, 2010


My CSA pick up was yesterday.  The veggies arrive at our local pick up point at 2pm and I wanted to be there as close to 2pm as possible.  So, Little Bit and I got in the car, I turned the key and.....nothing.  Turns out the tailgate on the Subaru didn't latch properly.  With the tailgate unlatched, an overhead light stayed on that I didn't notice in the daylight.  You really have to slam that darn tailgate.  It doesn't have enough weight to close on it's own and it drives me crazy!  This is the second time we've had to jump the damn car in our driveway.  That's just plain embarrassing.  But I digress......

So, I didn't get the veggies when I wanted to.  D picked them up on the way home from work and here they are:

In the box.
(it looks like a lot more out of the box)

Out of the box.

All together we got:
  • okra 
  • eggs
  • eggplant
  • acorn squash
  • sweet potato greens (did you know you could eat those?)
  • sweet potatoes
  • arugula
  • red onion
  • yellow onion
  • garlic
  • two tiny tomatoes
  • a boat-load of basil
  • mint
  • lots of sweet peppers
  • some bell peppers
  • several hot peppers (on top of the paper bag)
It's not bad for this time of the season.  Had I thought about it, I probably should have waited to sign for the CSA.  The summer crops are over with and the fall crops haven't come in yet so the pickin' are pretty slim.

Here's what I've done so far with the bounty:

I used the little bit of mint we got today and made some mint iced tea.  Yum.  I also cooked up the sweet potato greens.  D and I aren't too partial to greens and these were no exception.  I'm glad we didn't get a ton of them.

Meh.  They were okay.

I used some of the onion, garlic, sweet and hot peppers to make black bean enchiladas.  

CSA goodness

Bean, veggies and cheese mixture.

Finished product.  Get in mah bellah!

If it seems like I'm a little bit in love with the CSA today, it's because I am.  I feel ridiculously romantic about getting veggies and eggs from an organic farm.  It's also great that I don't have to go grocery shopping as much.  It will be a challenge to figure out what to do with some of the produce that we don't eat a lot of, like the acorn squash and eggplant.  But I guess that learning is half the fun, right?


  1. That all looks so tasy! My roommate actually roasts acorn squash. You cut it half, scoop out all the seeds, then cut the halves into like 3 wedges each. Then put a little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and maybe some brown sugar on them and roast them in the oven! The squash itself comes right off of the skin. It's pretty tasty and looks neat, too.

  2. Thanks for the cooking suggestion, Susan. I think I'm going to try it on tomorrow night and pair it with some pork chops. Wish me luck!