Monday, April 11, 2011

Homemade pickled jalapeños

So.....this post is a left over from last October that I forgot to publish.  I was wondering why I couldn't find the post about the jalapeños when I just knew I'd written it.

Last March, we planted some tame jalapeños we found at the garden center.  D and I love peppers but can't really each a lot of the hot stuff so we wanted to try these "tame" ones.  After months of doing nothing, they put on tons of peppers around August. We waited until they turned red and then pickled them.  They were amazing.  Really flavorful without any heat.

So. Good.

The poblanos never really did much of anything.  I picked a few here and there and put them in sauces or stir frys and they didn't seem too hot.  At the end of the season, we left the rest (all 6 of them) ripen fully red then pick, seeded and dehydrated the peppers.  When they were fully dry, I whizzed 'em up in the food processor and we had chile powder.  I used the last remaining bit of chile powder last week when I made some stuffed bell peppers.  It still had quite a bit of flavor,
Six poblanos made just a couple tablespoons.

The plan for this year is to grow lots more of the tame jalapeños.  We've amended our soil and have a fertilizing schedule planned so hopefully they'll put on more fruit.  Once we get a nice crop, we'll pickle and can them so we'll have peppers till this time next year.

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