Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finished planting (finally!)

With a 6 week delay under our belt, we've almost completely finished with planting for the summer garden.  Here's a look at what we've got so far......

Strawberry patch next to the back porch.
Herbs are planted in the cinder blocks

Site of a strawberry patch next to the one above that we're in the process of clearing.

A patch next to the strawberries for blackberries and grapes next year.

Where the mouse melons have been planted along the side fence.

One of two cucumber mounds next to the mouse melon.
I also planted dill, nasturtium, scarlet runner beans and borage as beneficials.

Tomatoes planted in straw bales.
The strawberry patches are in the back ground.

Up close look at the Cherokee Purple tomatoes (along with marigold and basil beneficials)

Huge red bell pepper plant along the back fence.
Basil on the left front and purple beauty bell pepper on the right.
Two sweet gypsy peppers on the left, tame jalapeño on the right.

View of the 24 tame jalapeño plants.

The large bed next to the clothes line has a ton of stuff going on.  We planted a three sisters garden of corn, squash and beans in the middle three rows.  One the front row (all way on the left) we planted some malabar spinach and amaranth.  Along the back row (all the way on the right) we planted sunflowers.   With any luck, the patch will be beautiful come July.
Three sisters bed.

One of our pet food containers developed a crack that mice just LOVED to get into.  Since it now had drain holes, I turned it into a planter.
Old cracked pet food container with borage and rosemary.

Pineapple sage, rue and rosemary on the back porch.

The side of the yard looks like a junk yard right now.  We've been collecting bits and pieces of useful items off of Freecycle.
Bunch of wood from Freecycle that we'll use to edge our largest beds.

Our junk pile.  Bags of grass clippings, t-posts, and pallets from Freecycle;

Rain barrels we will be putting in later this year.

Some celosia and creeping verbena I put in the front.

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