Sunday, April 10, 2011

Twinkle Toes

Bending over is like folding a grapefruit.

I'm on my 15th week of Weight Watchers.  I've always hated diets.  In fact, I've never actually gone on one in my entire life.  But lately, I've realized that I was trying to persuade my 18 month-old son to sit still for the only reason that I just didn't want to move.  I was tired, my feet hurt, my knees hurt.  And it wasn't like I'd worked hard that day.  I'm just overweight and out of shape.  Bah.

I've lost a little over 20 lbs and am down nearly 2 sizes so far but I hit a plateau the last 4 weeks.  Between traveling between Austin and Houston, taking care of my son, my grandmother and just being disorganized, I haven't been keeping up with my healthy eating or exercise.  The good news is that at least I haven't gained any weight either.

I still have nearly 80 lbs to go.  I try not to think in terms of how much I have to lose in total.  It's too overwhelming.  I just try to maintain a 1-2 lb loss every week and set small goals like losing 5% of my total weight.  That seems to provide me the motivation I need without crushing my soul.

I'm planning on getting down to a healthy weight by March of 2012.  I feel that's enough time to lose the weight slowly and healthfully.  I'll be doing weekly summaries every Sunday of my weight loss efforts in order to keep me honest.

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