Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden Update

Whew!  This garden is really getting going.  Nearly everything is doing really well.  The corn, beans and squash are doing so well, they may take over the bed entirely.  Not all of our corn came up so some of the beans don't yet have trellises.  We 'll probably string some extra hog wire behind each row to give the beans something to climb (and help the corn stay upright in our windy area).

Here are some pictures:

The borage has bloomed!

You can barely see the rosemary underneath the pineapple sage.
The large garden patch.

A close up of the amaranth. Ooo, and check out the drip irrigation we put in  two weeks ago.

A close up of the 3 sisters.  You can see the beans that are going to climb up the corn.

The squash that were just seedlings when we left 5 days ago.
The malabar spinach has found the trellis.

My HUGE basil.  Please ignore my fingertip in the shot.

Some gypsy peppers nearly ready to pick.

The potatoes that are nearly ready.

Our monster zucchini.

Zucchini blossoms.

The cuke bed (zucchini, cucumber, and mouse melon).
Cucumber blossoms.

The black eyed pea just seeded a week ago.

The only real disappointments are the tomatoes.  We've never had a good crop of tomatoes at the house.  They were always grown in the soil and they've shown signs of fusarium wilt every year.  So, this year, I planted them in straw bales over grass in the hopes that the fusarium wilt couldn't reach them.  Well, it has.  I'm wondering if my tools may have been dirty or if they sat too long in the yard (only a day) before I planted them.  Either way, I'm not real happy.  Tomatoes are my absolute favorite food and I've always wanted to grow big, beautiful tomatoes.

The tomatoes which are barely surviving - they should be twice this size.

A close up of the tomato leaves.
We also planted some musk melons in a spare bed.  We were going to get it set up for strawberries but just ran out of time.  We decided to experiment in the bed instead.  I'll post some pics of the melon seedlings soon.

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