Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meat CSA

Here's a look at our meat CSA.  I pick it up monthly at the Georgetown Farmer's Market.

Each monthly box includes 17-20 lbs of:

  • several packages of ground beef
  • a pack or two of 4 hamburger patties
  • several steaks (Ribeye, Sirloin, etc)
  • a roast or two
  • chili or stir fry meat
  • beef cutlets
  • soup bones
  • a package of bulk pork sausage, local cheese or summer sausage (just depends on what's available)
  • fresh eggs

Mmmmm, meat.

Last week, I made some delicious stir fry with the beef and a ton of vegetables (carrots, peppers, bok choy, basil, broccoli) from our veggie CSA.  I also experimented with a recipe since I had a ton of mint and a bag of lemons I needed to use up.  I marinated some chicken in olive oil, lemon juice and chopped mint, then grilled it.  I served it along side some roasted vegetables and some lemon-mint angel hair pasta.  Really, really good.  

Saturday, we had a friend over for steaks.  The key to cooking a good grass-fed steak is to cook is low and slow on the grill.  If you cook it hot and fast like a normal steak, you'll get shoe leather.  But low and slow will give you a tender, juicy, flavorful steak.  The first few times we grilled the grass-fed steak were a disaster!  Tough, flavorless, yuck.  We have finally gotten the hang of it.

My favorite part of the package is always the eggs. The rancher raises a grab bag of chickens including some Ameraucanas, which lay colored eggs.  Depending on the chicken the egg shells may be white, brown, pink, blue or green.  Also, the yolks are a deep, deep orange.  I've asked her how her chickens lay such dark yolks and she says she just feeds them table scraps (she must eat great!) and layer feed.  Home raised, pastured chickens tend to lay deep yellow eggs due to better and different nutrition from caged, commercial layers, but her eggs are amazing.  

A close up of the eggs.  Can you tell some of them are green and blue?

I never bake with these eggs, I only make scrambled or fried eggs so I can enjoy their eggy goodness.

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